Be a Student and Pay Your Bills From Poker

The time of crisis, collage students all over the world;,play poker to gather money for food and maintenance. Young people resort to the game of chance because now finding a job is a hard thing to do.

Entry on the poker table, in the students game is between 0.50$ and $1.5$. The big pot, usually reaches 50 bucks, ENOUGH TO PAY BILLS and to provide a home for one month. There was one time when at one hand, a student won a microwave oven, now rarely has food to heated with him :).

In students’ hostels, the tours began in the evening (at 21:00 a clock ) and most of the times, is coming to an end in the morning, with all that most of the players are obliged to get up at seven in the morning, school starts at eight.

The game not missing anything, Everyone is here: boys and girls. All ready for a new one. All in one place all ready to attend the show and to serve a beer. Entry is free, and the atmosphere its awesome. You can tell jokes, stories. they tell old various events in life upon student, everything to make forgotten problems.

Its difficult for young people to find a job, in conditions under which companies seek only people with experience. Most times, if you will find a job you will earn a small amount of money.

Even graduates have big problems to find a job. In most of the times those that graduated the collage starts a second specialization, in order to have more chances to get a job. Winner or not at the poker table We wish you only good luck. Is this the kind of campaign against the crises?!