Sam Farha Vs Patrik Antonius In High Stakes Poker

Sam Farha is one of the most colorful poker players and because of his aggressive and funny style he has millions of fans around the world. No matter if he wins or loses, his jokes, elegance and cigarette in mouth always make it fun to watch him.

In the following hand Farha faces another heavy weight player, Patrik Antonius.

The blinds are $400/$800 with a $200 ante. Farha is a super aggressive and loose player who raises almost every hand with any two cards. This time he has QdKd. This hand is a lot better than the majority of his raising hands. He raises to $4 200. Antonius is next to act and he only has Jh9h but he knows Farha very well so he decides to make a play on Farha. With a reraise Farha might fold right away. If he does not fold, Antonius has a speculative hand with possible flush and straight draws where he might win a huge pot later. Antonius raises to $16 000, all other players fold but Farha would not be himself if he did not make an instant call. The pot is $34 200.

The flop is: 6d3c9d. Antonius hits top pair with moderate kicker, Farha has two overcards and a king high flush draw. Farha has a 53%-47% advantage over Antonius at this moment (9 cards for a flush draw plus 6 overcards make 15 outs). Farha checks and Antonius leads out with $20 000. A typical continuation bet of a bit more than half of the pot with top pair where Antonius thinks he is ahead and he wants to see where he stands. Farha thinks quickly and check-raises to $100 000. Now comes a surprise. Antonius thinks for almost half a minute and decides to go all-in with a pair of nines. Gabe Kaplan does not even have time to react and comment the action because Farha announces a call within a second.

They decide to run it four times. The first time the 3d comes to complete Farha’s flush but the 9c on the river is one of the four remaining cards to give Antonius a full house. This means Antonius wins one quarter of the whole pot. The second time Farha hits his flush again but Antonius cannot draw him out (5dAh). Both players have won once until now when the final two showdowns come. 2s6h gives Antonius two pairs and a 2-1 lead. The last time the 4s5h comes to the board meaning Antonius wins 3-1 and collects three-quarters of the pot.