Dwarf Shamans in Cataclysm in a Nutshell

So, there are new class combinations coming to World of Warcraft in 2010 when Cataclysm launches. Some are funny (cough…Gnome Priests…cough), some are obvious (Human Hunters) and some are just plain interesting. One class-race combo that firmly falls into that last category is that of the Dwarf Shaman. The second class for the Alliance to pick up the totems will be the Dwarf race – the very same beer swilling and stout little warriors that are currently Paladins, Hunters, and Rogues. So, what will the new combo mean for players of the game who have been either Shaman or Dwarf fans for a long time?

The short answer is, not a whole lot. Dwarfs are fun because their lore is so entertaining. They’re big and strong so they’re not quite the in-joke that Gnomes tend to be, but they’re also humorous in a lot of ways. So, it’s a bit hard to step back and think that they’ll be in there with robes flying and totems twirling like the other races that currently don the Shamanic arts.

The Totems

One of the bigger questions is what the totems will look like. How will the Dwarfen totems be different from the Draenaeic or the Tauren totems. The odds are that we’ll see something interesting like axes, hammers or stone totems and Blizzard has already confirmed that they will get their own Totem design.

The Lore

The lore is going to be the most interesting part. At first, it seemed a bit like Blizzard was just doing this whole class-race combo thing as a fan service, but they’ve shown now that they plan on integrating it all into the game lore and making it interesting. So, what exactly will have the Dwarfs picking up totems and signing their spells? It’ll be one heck of an interesting new expansion for anyone who decides to reroll as this exciting new opportunity to play a Shaman.

MapleStory Guide – Bigfoot

A relatively powerful boss added in the Crimsonwood Keep patch in ’08. A pain of a thing to kill, but really not too difficult when done right, even so; still a pain.

Boss info: Bigfoot is a pretty simple boss, it spawns in about 13 (roughly) different maps in Crimsonwood Forest. It has no real abilities and nothing much to look out for… except its ridiculously high touch damage. This beast will hit you for upwards of 12,000 damage, though funnily enough its magic “stomp” attack is completely harmless. It has several frames where it is “invincible” meaning your attacks will miss it completely, irritating, I know, but with that comes it’s biggest weakness.

If Bigfoot is pushed to either edge of the map, and I mean the very edge, it will get somewhat stuck. After you hit it, it’ll begin it’s knock back animation (assuming you hit it hard enough) which is unusually long, once it finally gets over it, it’ll be facing away from you; off the screen. You have about 1 second here to knock it back again before it comes stampeding into you. If you maintain the knock back it’ll stay stuck, turning it into a joke of a boss. Makes it very easy to get through its 32,000,000HP. On that note, it also gives a lot of EXP considering its HP, making it a rather sought after boss (mostly for leeching unfortunately), aside from that, it has no valuable drops aside from its toe, used for the deputy pendant quest.

Maplestory Guide – Pianus

A favourite of most Paladins out there I’m sure. With 4th job Pianus a total joke now, a decent (full) party can expect to take one down in 5 minutes easily. Pianus can be found at the bottom of Aqua Dungeon, where it spawns every 24 (Right) to 36 (Left) hours.

The left Pianus has 24,000,000HP while the right Pianus has 30,000,000HP

Minimum HP: 3,800 (Left), 4,900. (Right) You might be able to try earlier though it’ll be risky.

Boss info: Pretty simple really, all you need is the minimum HP and at least one person who can do 10,000+ every hit. (Dark Knights and Heroes are excellent for this) The reason for this is because Pianus summons bombs which will explode when their HP is between 1 and 5,000, dealing around 10,000 damage to anyone nearby, ouch. Not nearly as dangerous as it sounds though.

Aside from that, Pianus has all the typical attacks you’d expect: a big beam dealing 3,700~ (left) or 4,700~ (right), avoidable 10t weights that drop down dealing the same damage as the beam and of course, HP 1/MP 1. It also casts physical and magic immunity. (far too frequently if you ask me…) It can also dispel and lock skills, though the right side will only do this if someone is standing behind it (in it). If you’ve been wondering what I mean by left and right, two Pianus (Pianii?) can spawn in the same map, obviously on the left and right side. Though similar, they have several differences: The left one has lower attack, hp and defence. But dispels and locks skills far far more often. It also gives around 300,000 less experience than the right one.

Tell Me Who Your Friends Are and I Will Tell You Who You Are

Friendship for many, to include scholarly individuals, is actually some sort of an informal category without specific limitations or boundaries. Like when you say a person is a friend, you do not say that he is your friend in school, or he is your friend in the office or a friend in any category of undertaking. Usually, friendship would indicate mutual relationship that you give and take for each other with a time span that will always depend on each party concerned.

The degree of friendship would usually be dependent on the circumstances that resulted to such relationship. The degree of friendship with a classmate at school will be different than the degree of friendship with a neighbor friend. Even in work, the ties of friendship a person has with his co-employees in an office work will be different from the ties of friendship between soldiers. In most cases, the degree of dependency among one another in a particular undertaking, would measure the degree of friendship among them.

Friendship for that matter takes on many forms like casual friends whom you may consider already as friends even when you have just meet them once, twice or thrice in a gathering, long time friends, people you have known since you were young like your neighbors, and best friends like your close in barkadas or groups that you are always with and shares with you whatever they have and you, whatever you have, in return. These sharing between best of friends are not only limited to material things but also would include spiritual and emotional sharing like keeping and advising your friends in keeping up with their faith and other emotional problems that they have. These sharing of all aspects of your daily life, sometimes you use friendship sms text messages, lovely friendship sms that will cause to deepen the friendship between your groups of friends.

There are, however, a lot of people who uses friendship as a tool for self advantage. The sad thing about these kinds of people would be the fact that once they have gained their purpose because of the friendship that they were able to establish they just as suddenly junk the friends that helped them in the first place. These people are those that can be considered as friendship for advantage gals and guys. There are also those who will only make friends with people who share with them their passion.

These people are those that we can categorize as people who look for selective friendship. People in this category can be persons who are into different hobbies or undertakings that they value so much that once they know you have the same kind of aspiration would then try to consider you as a friend in such kind of an undertaking. For example, a person with a passion for horses can easily make friends with a person in the horse breeding business. And if you are a SCUBA enthusiast, you can make friends easily with an underwater photographer once you chanced to meet each other.

These kinds of friendship actually, are not only related to hobbies like playing with your mobile phone, sending sms messages, sharing love text and other special skills that a person has to make friends with other persons sharing with him interest in the same field of endeavor. These can also be true to even negative habits such as drinking, gambling and womanizing. This is precisely why we have this saying, “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.”